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What We Do

Dare To Be Different

Smart Green Lawns does things in a whole new way.
With our changing weather and our ever evolving market with new and effective products coming out every year, we must stay on top and ahead of the game and use more efficient methods to cater better to our delicate environment. Smart Greeen Lawns uses brand new methods and products and creates fresh new designs.


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We at Smart Green Lawns believe that water-saving installations in more homes can impact entire neighborhoods, and eventually the entire state, one environment at a time.

The timing makes sense. California is currently preparing for its fifth consecutive year of drought. Faced with the apocalyptic notion that the entire state could run out of water, people have been coming up with conservation ideas left and right.Amidst the outpouring of wild ideas, California Governor Jerry Brown last year mandated that cities across the state reduce water usage by 490-billion gallons over nine months. To help make that happen, Brown also ordered that 50-million square feet of state-owned lawns be replaced with drought tolerant landscaping. That’s what we’re here to do!

On Time Services

We strongly believe that times of the essence. Proper time management is what helped us do great at our business and we are sensitive to your time and your deadlines for your special events and everyday lives.

We will give you a proper timeline break down of the project at hand and work fast and efficiently to get the job done. Thanks for choosing us.