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Landscape design and consultation services by professional designers with over 20 years of experience focused on water-wise gardens, edible gardens, small spaces, family friendly spaces, and sustainable practices. Whether starting from scratch or working with what you already have, your garden can finally be an outdoor destination you enjoy.


New creations or revival. Bringing back commercial landscaping that has been neglected or you might have just purchased a property that the prior owner didn’t care for, a professional maintenance crew that is experience in commercial landscaping is exactly what you need. Whether it be small commercial remodels to large corporate campuses, from apartment buildings and affordable multi-family housing, we got you covered!

Design Advantage

The common thread in our design is the belief that the design can lift the spirit, and that great positive energy makes great design possible. Our practical experience covers the entire spectrum of projects from classic to modern. From single family homes to multi-family buildings. From urban gardens to expansive estates, we get inspiration and give inspiration and love to learn about various landscape styles. We find that the more we learn, the more we gain the confidence to explore and execute new styles.

Latest News

The Living Chandelier

We are proud to announce the first creation of a living chandelier. Created with all orchids, it is truly a beauty to behold.

Call us and have us make you one today!

Special Event Make Overs

Have a special event(birthdays, garden weddings, dinners, luaus, quinceaneras, cotillions) and don't have the time to decorate or trim up the garden clean before the event, call us and let us do the decorating and planning for you. We can show you a computer rendition of our ideas on your space.

We also work with florists with the freshest imported and local flowers to help supply your event.

Our Advantages

  • 1.

    Environmental Awareness

    When we are saving water and the environment is being looked after, everybody wins. SGL's designs makes every drop of water productive.
  • 2.

    Less Worry With Our Landscape Management

    When your commercial property’s landscape is well designed and maintained, it does more than just look great, your property value stays high and tenants will pay higher rates and take better care of their units.
  • 3.

    Lowest Cost Around

    We are tired or everybody else charging more than they should. We keep our costs at the lowest prices possible so that we can create more beauty while saving water one environment at a time. That is more important to us.